2016-2017 Season
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As you may have noticed our season this year is light. After 21 years Steeple needs some more help. We need to have new volunteers to take on the marketing and promotions challenge solved prior to the BVBB show in June, in which case, we will announce a 2017-2018 season. We are unlikely to go back to doing nine shows, at least in the short run. Assuming we accomplish bullet #1, the thought would be to continue to do four to five shows (one or two in the fall and two to four in the spring).

If you would like to be a part of the new vision of Steeple, please reach out to us!

What to expect at Steeple Coffeehouse:

The parlor becomes a green room. The curtains are drawn on the stage. Volunteers put out the tables and chairs, and line up the desserts.

A cd table is set, the sound check starts, coffee is brewing. Pilgrim Church's Fellowship Hall becomes "The Coffeehouse."

Shows are usually held on the 2nd Saturday of the month (look for a few exceptions). Doors open at 7:00, music begins at 7:30.


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